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Shake Your Money Maker

How much money is made from the Groningen natural gas field per second?

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have passed and approx.


has been made with gas from Groningen.

This equals roughly one million euro per hour.


[Calculation: This counter adds 278 euro to the previous total each second. I've based this amount on an article on the Dutch website, which states the natural gas revenues totalled 12 billion euro last year. Rounded off conservatively, this equals 1 million euro per hour and 278 euro per second. This counter only serves to give you an indication of how big a money making machine the Groningen gas field is.]

TRANSLATION: Nicolette MariƩ

IMAGES: Schokkend Groningen and others

SOUND: Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Shake Your Money Maker (Live from Crossroads 2010)

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