Groningen Gas

Visualization of quakes created by gas extraction in Groningen.

Airbnb Barcelona

Visualisation of Airbnb Barcelona through the years.

Airbnb Amsterdam

Visualisation of Airbnb Amsterdam through the years.

Wolves in the Netherlands

Wolves and other hunters and how many animals they kill in the Netherlands on an animated map of the Netherlands (2017 – 2023).


Organisations around mining damages.

Bombings Amsterdam

Visualisation of Bombings Amsterdam in WW II

GIJN about Dwarshuis

“This Week’s Top Data Journalism. Dwarshuis illustrates the Airbnb phenomenon in Amsterdam since the company launched.”

Business Insider about Dwarshuis

“Graphic designer Kor Dwarshuis created a visualization showing chronologically the growth of the number of newly registered Airbnb properties in Amsterdam (translated from Dutch).”

TNW about Dwarshuis

The Next Web: “But in the past year or so, that stance has completely reversed – and thanks to this visualization by Dutch data visualizer and animator Kor Dwarshuis, it’s not hard to see why.”


Train your memory

Kerstkaart 2021

Kerstkaart 2021.

Kerstkaart 2022

Kerstkaart 2022.


25 vragen over de rechtspraak.

The Counted

The Guardian's project about people killed by police in the US in 2015 – 2016