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Interactieve Bevinkjes–Quiz. Met terugkoppeling, dus je leert er wat van.

interactive BITCOIN QUIZ

Interactive Bitcoin quiz.

Gasbevingen | Earthquakes in Groningen.

screenshot van de animatie van de gasbevingen

Visualisatie van de gasbevingen in Groningen.

Digital presentations, interactive documentaries, real–time animations, social media videos.


screenshot Global Investigative Journalism Network: This Week’s Top Data Journalism

“This Week’s Top Data Journalism. Dwarshuis illustrates the Airbnb phenomenon in Amsterdam since the company launched[…]”

The Next Web

screenshot saying This visualisation shows Airbnb spreading like a virus in Amsterdam

“[…]thanks to this visualization by Dutch data visualizer and animator Kor Dwarshuis, it’s not hard to see why.”

La Vanguardia

screenshot saying La rápida expansión de Airbnb en Barcelona, en un mapa temporal

“La rápida expansión de Airbnb en Barcelona, en un mapa temporal”

NOS news

Airbnb animation used in Dutch public broadcasting news. more…


Airbnb visualisations

See how Airbnb developed in major cities through the years. In collaboration with who provides the data.

To Airbnb Overview Page

Groningen Gas Field

See how Europe's largest gas field turned into a disaster.

Overview (English) | Overzicht (Nederlands)

Realtime animation

animatie van alle bevingen in groningen


  • Real time data
  • With sound
  • With heatmap
  • With timeline

Interactive documentary

field with grains

History Groningen Gas: A story in own JavaScript framework.

Explanimation (dutch)

Animated explanimation in HTML / CSS / matter.js / to video

Interactive Quiz (dutch)

interactieve quiz

Interactive quiz by dragging diagrams.

Blockchain – Bitcoin

Too easy? Go to level 3

Realtime visualisation

Realtime bitcoin transactions.


Bitcoin is slow


Blockchain is smart


Blockchain, law in code


“The Counted”

Visualisation of “The Counted”. People killed by the police.

Open data by The Guardian.

WW II bombings on Amsterdam

Bombings of the city of Amsterdam in World War II.

Open Data by the city of Amsterdam.